What happened to the cars of ‘Pimp My Ride’?

Remember the days spent watching MTV’s once-hit show, ‘Pimp My Ride?’ As we watched rapper, X-Zibit surprise young adults with outrageous transformations to their junker cars, we wondered what one would do with a car that featured a pop-up champagne fountain. However, as the show’s successful 2014 run came to end, people began to wonder what happened to these over-the-top vehicles.

Thanks to Reddit and the power of their ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions, the truth is beginning to come out about what happen to the West Coast Customs’ creations after the credits rolled.

According to past participants of the show, many of the outlandish modifications were removed from the vehicles, like the aforementioned champagne fountain. Many of the features added to the cars would be unsafe to be used while driving down the road, like a complete theater system.

Pimp My Ride’s producer, Larry Hochberg defended his show and explained that the most shocking features had to be taken out to make the care drivable and safe.

“Sometimes we did things for safety reasons that the kids on show interpreted as us ‘taking away’ some items,” he told The Huffington Post. “For example where 24-inch spinner rims on a 1977 Cutlass would look amazing for television, but out of abundance of caution they’d end up switching the spinners to beautiful 20s for daily driving.”

Other times the features put into the cars weren’t really as amazing as they were seen on the show. One of the Reddit AMA participants explained that his car was featured as having a robotic arm that would move by itself. However, in reality, he explained that the robotic arm was being controlled by a laptop by a mechanic behind the scenes. It was actually just a metal arm that appeared to work.

However, as Hochberg explains, these young people were still the owners of a car that was in much better shape than before their appearance on the show. Although, it seems some of them had trouble keeping them in that shape.

Several of the cars had mechanical trouble once they were used as daily transportation. But, Hochberg claims that the show made sure that the mechanical issues were fixed and provided plenty of resources to the car owners to lessen any burdens.

“The people who had cars that appeared on the show would call me, and I would leave my desk, run to meet up with the flatbed tow truck and go help them,” Hochberg said. “I made sure that things were fixed on cars that needed fixing.”

Then there were those vehicle recipients who ran into financial troubles and had to use their vehicle to help those woes. Many were able to get out a bind by getting a title loan estimate. Many were shocked to see how much they could get with their vehicle. One show participant explained in a Reddit AMA that they originally bought their car for $500, but were able to get more than $18,000 after the customization.

No matter what the issues the participants encountered after appearing on ‘Pimp My Ride,’ at least they each can say they were able to be apart of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“The whole situation was definitely not what I hoped for, and there were times I wanted to give it all back because of how frustrating it was, but now I look back and laugh,” said one of the past show participants. “I have this really cool story that only a handful of people can really say they experienced. That makes it all worth it.”

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