The Worst Celebrity Mugshots

Mugshots are never cute. Celebrity mugshots have a way of pulling back the makeup covered masks from their faces, and they suddenly become human and their fame irrelevant. Their mistakes may be our occasional giggle, but they rarely are smiling out of pleasure in these newsworthy pictures.


Matthew McConaughey

After a high-time of playing bongos in the middle of the night, Matthew McConaughey found himself in trouble with the law when neighbors called for noise disturbance. In the end, that is the only charge McConaughey paid a penalty. Only playing his instruments too loudly. His smirk speaks volumes to how he felt that now.


Vince Vaughn

One brawl can send even the most famous to booking. In 2001, Vince Vaughn found himself behind bars after a fight at a bar. During this same bar-fight, Vaugh’s friend Steve Buscemi was repeatedly stabbed. Vaughn’s mugshot shows the state of mind he was in when he found himself on the wrong side of the law.


Nicki Minaj

With the same sass, she lives life, Nicki Minaj landed behind bars after being found with a weapon in her possession. Her mugshot gives off the distinct vibe of her annoyance, but Nicki Minaj is known for that diva look. Even without makeup and bright colors, she was still shining through with that attitude.


Nick Nolte

If people had wondered about his sanity, Nick Nolte proved he had gone over the edge to cuckoo land when he was picked up on DUI charges in 2002. His wild hair and bright shirt showed how Nick Nolte had fallen into a disheveled state and was a danger to himself and other drivers. Nick Nolte’s mugshot could be an inspiration for a good Toby jug.


Rip Torn

One of the best of his generation, Rip Torn found himself in trouble while caught driving drunk in 2006. His scraggly hair is only a distractor to the silly smile that he gives the camera in an actual ‘cheese’ moment. Either he was still drunk or the booking officer said something hilarious.


Hugh Grant

A picture that will always follow him, Hugh Grant found himself in the middle of a sex scandal when caught with a prostitute who was more than willing to give details of the experience. Hugh Grant laughs the best he can, years later, but the defeated mugshot remains as a permanent record. The slumped shoulders and puppy dog eyes read of instant regret.


Reese Witherspoon

Even the girl next door can have a temper. Reese Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct after defending her husband while he was being taken in for a DUI. Witherspoon made an attempt to use her name to get them both out of dire straights, but it only made the situation worse. It did not stop her from flashing a make-upless smile at the camera.


Mel Gibson

Since his arrest in 2006, Mel Gibson’s career has never quite recovered. But this was not his first arrest for DUI. Though, the 2006 incarceration was followed by a scandal as he was disorderly and used bigot language towards the officers at the scene. The look on his face in his mugshot certainly does not help his case as his arrogance is apparent.

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