Recipes to Get You Trashed On St. Patrick’s Day

Oh, yes. Anyone can drink their alcohol. But only the truly ambitious will also eat it. For our nation’s favorite holiday promoting drinking and carousing to excess, here is your ultimate collection of recipes to ensure that you stay appropriately buzzed all day long this St. Patrick’s Day.


Be safe, drink (or eat) responsibly, and good luck to you. You’ll need it.




For breakfast, you can whip up some Rumchata french toast with relative ease. Just combine Rumchata and the eggs in a bowl, and soak your bread in it for about half a minute. Sprinkle it with cinnamon or whatever you prefer, then fry it on your skillet on medium until it’s firm and golden-brown. Bonus points if you use whiskey maple syrup.


For lunch, you should add some more calories to soak up all the alcohol you’re also about to ingest. So, really; it probably just cancels out all the alcohol-absorbing benefits. Oh well. Mix up a batter of flour, some pepper, cayenne, and a bottle of beer. Whisk it until a thick batter forms, and use it to fry up some beer battered fish in a deep-fryer or high temperature skillet for about three minutes.


For dinner, ditch the Irish theme for some pasta, because by dinnertime, you’re probably craving carbs. Combine oil, butter, tomatoes, and onions in a skillet until onions soften, then slowly add cream, vodka, and seasoning like basil or red pepper flakes. Toss it with pasta, and get sauced. (Heh.)


For a snack between meals (or if you’re afraid of sobering up between meals) you can munch on some chocolate covered bourbon cherries. Just soak maraschino cherries in a bowl of bourbon overnight in the fridge, then melt some dipping chocolate in a double boiler or in a microwave-safe bowl. Roll out some parchment paper or a baking pan, dip the cherries, and then let them cool completely before serving.




Remember, no boozy dessert until you’ve finished all of your alcohol-infused dinner, otherwise you won’t grow up to be big, strong, and diabetic!


“Boozy Shamrock Shake Cakes”

Betty Crocker meets Betty Ford. Your favorite seasonal McDonald’s desert gets an at-home alcoholic upgrade. You can find the recipe here.


“Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse”

It’s pretty much exactly as good as it sounds. Dump some of that Bailey’s Irish Cream in your coffee to go with your dessert, and end your day strong. Check out the full recipe here.


“Guinness Chocolate Brownies”

The most iconic Irish ale meets the most iconic American dessert. It’s a truly beautiful thing. As if chocolate weren’t heavy and rich enough, we should probably dump a bunch of Guinness in there, right? It’s St. Patrick’s Day, after all.  You can get the recipe here. Bonus points if you make some frosting with creme de menthe liqueur or Baileys in it.


“Irish Coffee Creme Brulee”

Coffee and whiskey is always a safe bet. Add it to this good of a dessert, though? It’s the real pot of gold of this St. Patrick’s Day. Also, if you make boozy creme brulee, you’ll look like the coolest domestic genius of all time. View the recipe online here.  

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