The Five Best Comedians of All Time

Comedy has become somewhat of an art form. It is not enough to write jokes, those jokes need to be delivered with perfect timing and precision to tickle the audience in just the right way. While there are many people who take the title of comedian, there are always those who stand out among the […]

Recipes to Get You Trashed On St. Patrick’s Day

Oh, yes. Anyone can drink their alcohol. But only the truly ambitious will also eat it. For our nation’s favorite holiday promoting drinking and carousing to excess, here is your ultimate collection of recipes to ensure that you stay appropriately buzzed all day long this St. Patrick’s Day.   Be safe, drink (or eat) responsibly, […]

Celebrities Who’ve Adopted Children

In today’s world, there are many routes one can take toward becoming a parent. Some people choose not to have children of their own, at least biologically speaking, or are unable to, and so, instead, they make the decision to adopt. A lot of the people who make the decision to adopt are just regular, […]